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Faszie trifft Muskel

In order to reach maximum performance and promoting health in the best way possible, we need:

  • Ideally trained muscles
  • An ideally trained fascial system
  • · And the best possible coordination between these two structures

Muscles and fascia can’t be separated. However, we can conduct exercises with a bigger emphasis on muscles or on fascia while combining both aspects in one exercise/workout.
For anyone who wants to give a „different strength training impulse“!

During the one day workshop, you will get an insight into the theoretical and practical basics of fascia meets muscle with small tools:

  • Basic theory
  • Applying the principles of „fascia meets muscle“ on small tools
  • Difference between exercises that focus on muscle and exercises that focus on fascia
  • Putting the fascia meets muscle exercises into practice:
    • Personal Coaching (1 on 1)
    • Group fitness
    • Therapy
    • Planning and coordinating training
    • Integration of fascial aspects into classical strength training
    • Integration of fascial aspects into rehab training

During the two day workshop, the concept „fascia meets muscle“ will additionally put into practice on big tools:

  • See content one day workshop +
  • Practical exercises using stationary training equipment, dumbbells and small tools
  • Applying the principles of „fascia meets muscle“ on tools and dumbbells

Special requirements:
Room with stationary training equipment and free weights. Small tools can be offered on demand.

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