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Most people walk incorrectly!

Walking properly every day gives your body good and healthy impulses every day!

Walking incorrectly every day gives your body bad and unhealthy impulses!

The course “Fascial Walk- Moving Healthily“ is an individually tailored, efficient and easily learned approach. On the basis of humans’ natural walk, Fascial Walk can reduce pain and stress and therefor has a vitalizing effect.

A lack of exercise is the main reason for most physical problems. Most people are aware of this, and still do not have the time or the desire to become more active.

The solution: Fascial Walk. By walking properly and consciously in our everyday life, we can give our bodies valuable impulses every day.

Click here for „Training to become a trainer

Click here for the „8-hour course – Walking Properly – Moving healthily

Do you think that you are walking properly?

The 8 hour course can partially be paid for by your health insurance and is ideal for anyone interested in walking through life healthier.

You can check out my YouTube channel here.

Interested in a private session? Or having any questions? Feel free to contact me here.


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